How to upload proof of payment / receipt?

To be able to upload proof of payment / receipt, you need to log in to your account first.

Click My Account > Orders

You will be able to view all your orders on this page. Click View for the order number you wish to upload receipt to.

Click Choose File > Upload

Notice: Your payment will not be verified / accepted if receipt has not been uploaded in your account.

Additional FAQ: What happens if I upload my receipt at a later time or after the payment deadline?
You will incur a penalty for the meantime that no receipt has been uploaded in your account. However, you can still upload the receipt and the penalty fee will get waived if your payment time is within or on the due date.

Additional FAQ: I can’t see any upload button on my account.
If an error is being encountered on your end that there are no upload button or like so, please reach our admins so they can troubleshoot it accordingly.

We hope this guide has been helpful. For other concerns, you may contact us via website chat, facebook, instagram or twitter.

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