Frequently Asked Questions

How to order?

1. Check out your items.
2. Upload payment receipt.
3. Wait for the order status to update.

Order status shall be updated within 24 hours. If otherwise, please contact us immediately.

Tip: Keep yourself posted as we publish timely updates via Announcements Tab or #BTSHOPMNLUpdates on Twitter.

How to upload a payment receipt?

Go to My Account tab > Orders > Click Upload

When is my item arriving?

Normal ETA: 3-4 weeks upon ship out from KR
Fast ETA: 1-2 weeks upon ship out from KR

Once on hand, ship out is 2-3 days after.

Are all products secured?

No, most products are pre-order unless otherwise stated. Item availability is subject to change at the time of purchase.

How much is the shipping fee?

Same-day Couriers: Varies
Next-day Couriers:
GoGo Express (
WhattaMove/LBC (

When is the deadline for payment?

Deadlines of payments vary per item and may be viewed on each listing.

I need to change my address.

Go to My Account tab > Address > Click Edit

Note: The address indicated on your account at the time of checkout will be the delivery address by default. If you wish to modify it at any time AFTER your order has been confirmed, please contact us immediately.

Address change is allowed if and only if your orders have not been shipped out yet.

Late payment fees

Penalty fees apply for payments beyond due date. ₱50 late payment fee is applied per day.

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